The Power of Many The Strength of Diversity

Estates Pool is a collaborative funding platform that enables small investors to come together in a pool to invest in the high-yield, low-risk, mega-projects that as individuals they could not possibly consider. Estates Pool is managed by experts utilising a diversified, multi-asset strategy to mitigate risk and maximise return. And, by virtue of advanced technology and streamlined processes, our management fees are comfortable for the smaller, more prudent investor.

We leverage The Power of Many: bringing together thousands of individuals in a formidable buying entity that has the scale to access prime investment opportunities worldwide.

We exploit the Strength of Diversity: spreading risk and optimising yields in every sector, every geography, and at every scale of project size.

How does it work?

1.    The Investor registers on the Estates Pool trading platform (click here to begin). The on-line registration process is simple and straightforward, but includes an automated KYC procedure in real time to verify the Investor’s ID and conduct a thorough background check).

2.    Once registered on the platform, the Investor specifies the level of investment he/she is prepared to commit (minimum of US$ 100, with no upper limit), and then selects the filters to search the Estates Pool portfolio.

3.    Having identified  buying opportunities that match his/her preferences, the Investor can review the latest prospectus for the portfolio offering (including due diligence documentation) and decide the exact level of investment he/she wants to make in that specific offering.

4.    On confirming this investment amount, the Investor receives electronically a binding agreement,  confirming the terms of the transaction – typically,  $ XX,000 for NNN shares in Estates Pool Project ABC.

5.    The Investor then transfers the $ XX,000  on the platform, and by  return receives authenticated documentation for the NNN shares in Project ABC. This transaction is verified and recorded with blockchain, as is the new ownership of the shares by the Investor

6.    While holding these shares, the Investor receives a dividend income stream from the rental yield (net of management fees and taxes) of the Project ABC properties.

7.    The Investor is entitled at any time to place all or part of his NNN shares for sale back on the Estates Pool Platform, at a price of his/her choosing.


states Pool enables individual investors to pool their resources, so together they can invest in the best performing, most stable real estate assets around the world. In building a portfolio with superior returns, Diversity is the key.

The best way to reach your desired outcome is with a globally diversified, multi-asset approach.  By following the path of diversity, Estates Pool is able  to seek out Value, Momentum, Quality and Low Volatility.

These are the four over-riding equity factors that have the potential to deliver superior returns over the broad market and for the long-term. Estate Pool’s strategy is built around optimising these four factors, within its diversified portfolio.

Estates Pool delivers cost-effective, actively-managed solutions for a fee of just 2.5% of the rental yield generated. This is a win-win management fee model for the investor: if there are no rental profits, there are no fees.

Value, Momentum, Quality and Low Volatility

•    Allocation

Asset Allocation – Estates Pool scans the global market for high-yield prime opportunities. Our advanced search technology and filters not only zero in on prime opportunities Downtown and on Main Street, but also shine light on diamonds hidden in the shadows.

•    Insights

Markets Insights – Estates Pool’s insights are derived not just from our in-house expertise, but also by applying Artificial Intelligence to analysing market trends. We can’t predict the future, but we can deliver a comprehensive analysis of market variables

•    Exposures

Sector Exposures – We – and no-one else - can predict exact outcomes, but by combining expert judgement with self-learning algorithms, and comprehensive analysis, Estates Pool is able to effectively manage risk.

•    Diversity

Diversified Portfolio – By looking beyond the conventional mainstream, we identify prime opportunities that offer greater return with lower risk. (This does not mean, of course, that we forego mainstream opportunities - as long as they meet our risk-return portfolio metrics.)

•    Portfolio

Multi-Sector Strategy – Estates Pool does not apply arbitrary restrictions    to its Sector Strategy. We exist to deliver superior returns from safe, risk-managed  investments in Real Estate. If a novel Sector meets our projections for superior yield and falls below our threshold for risk, then we will offer it in the Estates pool Portfolio. It is often the case that the unfashionable and ignored Sectors are where    the Alpha returns are to be found.                        

•    Implementation

Portfolio Implementation - Estate Pools technology platform enables Portfolio selections to be implemented quickly, seamlessly, and inexpensively. By streamlining the transactional elements of Real Estate Investment, and by managing internal functions with technology, Estates Pool delivers a superior result at a lower cost.

Our Fees

Estate Pool’s fees are modest compared to conventional Real Estate Investment funds because of the efficiencies of our automated platform.

We are able to pass on to our customers significant savings by using new instead of legacy systems, technology instead of human interfaces, and online transactions instead of manual processing.

In line with our corporate ethos of simplicity, transparency and efficiency, our fee structure is also simple, clear, and inexpensive compared to market norms.

For managing the Estates Pool portfolio, we charge an annual fee of 2.5% of the yield (rental income) for each property project/fund in the portfolio.

For selling properties or entire Projects/Funds – subject to the approval of 51% of the ownership – we charge a fee of 20% of the profit realised on the sale.

For each transaction, buying or selling, on the Estates Pool platform, we charge a commission of 0.5% of the total transaction value.

Our Processes

Blockchain-Secured, KYC-verified

The Estates Pool online trading platform utilises blockchain to ensure security and accuracy for all transactions on the platform.  And, well before the transaction stage is reached, the identities of buyer and seller have been verified and approved by a rigorous on-line KYC system  (see more on ), so that both sides know they are entering into a legitimate deal with a legitimate counter-party.

Thus, Investor’s funds are transferred safely, securely, transparently to the Property Project/Fund owner. Ownership, or fractional ownership, is then transferred to the Seller - cleanly, securely, transparently on the blockchain-enabled platform. All other relevant documentation is stored digitally, systematically and securely.

The interests of the Investor (and also, of course, of the Property Project/Fund owner) are protected at every stage of the process by Estates Pool’s streamlined systems and advanced technology, reinforced by rigorous KYC upfront and robust blockchain throughout.

Online Processes – Reduced Costs

In developing its online platform, Estates Pool set itself the objective of replacing outdated legacy systems and error-prone human interfaces with advanced technology and smarter systems. The benefits of this single-minded focus on digitalising and streamlining the process are three-fold: higher security; greater user-friendliness; and lower transaction costs.

By cutting out the middlemen and automating inefficient manual processes, Estates Pool is able to pass the benefits on to the customer, and deliver its portfolio of superior Real Estate  products at significantly lower fees.

Direct Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Estates Pool’s trading platform enables direct, peer-to-peer transactions between Buyer and Seller. Funds are not held at any point by Estates Pool, nor are shares or title deeds held in trust by us. We are simply the provider of a safe, secure, transparent platform that facilitates the trading of Real Estate between legitimate, verified Buyers and Sellers.

There are no ambiguities or “grey areas” in our transaction process. Funds are transferred, securely, transparently, traceably from the Buyer to the Seller. Ownership, or fractional ownership, in the form of shares in the Property Project/Fund are transferred securely, transparently, traceably from the Seller to the Buyer.

Estates Pool provides the trading platform which enables the deal and ensures that the transaction is safe, secure, transparent and between two legitimate parties. It is not part of the deal itself.